Words to Live By

Words to Live By


Old Enough to Know Better. Young Enough to Keep Hoping

Don’t you just hate when you know something in your head but your heart just won’t let you let go? I mean come on the logical voice inside you tells you to face the facts and deep down you know you should be listening but that darned fairytale, happy ending voice from your heart keeps making excuses.

That’s where I am now. The battle of fantasy and reality…..In my head I know that this country cutie I’ve got running through my brain far too often is largely built on my own fantasies and not even close to reality.

The logical part of my being tells me that a guy who texts you once in awhile (maybe once a week) and replies with one word answers to any of your questions, is always busy at the farm, never actually picks up the phone to call you, and broke three planned first dates is not a guy who actually wants to meet or date you!

But alas, you can’t tell your heart what it wants. So the heart builds this little fantasy that the country cutie is just shy – he really does want to meet you, but he really is too shy. The heart tells you he spends just as much time thinking about you as you do him and somewhere down the line you are going to meet and fireworks will ensue, you will fall madly in love with each other and ride off into the sunset ~ happily ever after.

I hate that I smile EVERY single time he sends a text message. Every single time. I’m so not the school girl crush kinda girl and I have no idea why someone I haven’t met has turned me into a bundle of mush inside.

So heart this needs to be the end of the line. The sweet, young, country cutie is mostly a figment of your overactive imagination.  Now to figure out how to beat the heart into submission and let the rational side win the fight so I can move on and find someone who actually wants to meet in person.

But what girl doesn’t love a good fairy tale?